Sponsors Page

Cockburn Bowling Club is proud to be associated with the following sponsors. Partnering with sponsors like our’s, plays a significant role in ensuring our Club continues to be one of the strongest, and most successful, in the metropolitan area.

Cockburn Bowling Club has worked closely with our sponsors, some over many years, and we encourage our members to recognise the commitment from the sponsors and to take advantage of the services offered by each of them whenever they are seeking services or products during the year.

Working closely with our sponsors has helped the club to acquire new pennant shirts for the upcoming 2019/20 season, and for that we are extremely grateful.

As new sponsors come to the club we will endeavour to maximise the opportunity to spread the word and to encourage our members to partake in the services provided.

If you would like to become a sponsor of the club, whether it’s big or small, we can accommodate you. Please feel free to email the club at bowls@cockburnbowls.com.au or call us during office hours on 08-6498 9049

Listed below are the current sponsors, please thank them by supporting them whenever you can.